Date/Year Milestones
JAN.1,1911 The Beginning Of The Congregation With Four Members In A Rented House At Pala
SEPT.1,1912 Establisment Of A New House In Our Own Compound
SEPT.21,1918 Religious Vestition Of The First Batch Of Sisters (10 Members)
JUNE11,1920 Perpetual Profession Of The First Two Members
DEC.19,1926 The First Branch House Is Established At Punnathura In The Arch-Diocese Of Changanacherry
JUNE21,1931 The Congregation Got Its Own Identity And Recognition As Sisters Of Sacred Heart
MAY23,1935 The Demise Of Our Founder Father :Approbation Of The Congregation By Holy Father Pius Xi
JULY25,1936 His Ex. Mar James Kalacherry Approves The First Constitution Of The Sacred Heart Congregation
SEPT.6,1937 Transfer Of Father Founders Mortal Remains Form The Cathedral Church To The Convent Chapel At Pala
JUNE24,1938 Opening of the first house at Mylacomb in the Arch-diocese of Ernakulam, now Kothamangalam Diocese
April 3,1952 Bifurcation of S.H. Congregation into S.H. Congregation Pala and Changanacherry due to establishment of Pala Diocese
May 31, 1955 New branch opened in Thalassery
Jan 10,1957 The S.H. Convents in the Arch-diocese of Ernakulam came under Kothamangalam Diocese.
June 29,1969 The first mission station under the Pala Province is opened in Ujjain Diocese (M.P).
Sept 27 ,1969 The first mission under the Changanacherry Province is opened in TEZPUR Diocese, Assam.
June 14, 1973 The first mission station under the Kothamangalam Province is opened in the Diocese of Satna (M.P).
Feb 2, 1974 A petition for unification is forwarded to Rome.
May 28, 1974 Very Rev. Fr. Canisius CMI is appointed as the pontifical delegate for the unification work.
Aug 15, 1974 Unification and election of the first Superior General and General Council. S.H. Convent is temporarily accepted as S.H. Generalate .
March 11, 1976 Raising the congregation into pontifical right by a decree from Rome. The constitution got approved.
July 16, 1976 Declaration of the four provinces Pala, Chaganacherry, Kothamangalam and Malabar.
Nov 13, 1976 First General Synaxis and General Election at S.H. Generalate Kuruvinal.
March 19, 1978 Bifurcation of Kanjirappally Region from Changanacherry Province.
Oct.1,1979 Beginning of a Service Centre at Friburg in Gernany under S.H Generalate.
Dec.27-29,1979 Extra Ordinary Generalate on 27th Managanam, Kottayam by His Emi cardinal Rubin and the release of the “Saptathi Smaranika” of S.H. Congregation.
June 26, 1981 Shifting and declaration of S.H. Generelate at Kottayam.
Nov 12-14, 1982 Second General Synaxis and General Election at S.H. Generalate at Kottayam
Jan 1, 1985 Inauguration of the Platinum Jubilee of the Congregation of Pala Provincial House
May 1, 1985 Declaration of Manathavady Region.
May 23, 1985 50th Death Anniversary of the Founder.
Jan 28, 1986 Final approval of the revised constitution.
Aug 15, 1986 Forming of Amala Region, Changanacherry Province in N.E.Missions.
Sept 21, 1986 Blessing of the prayer house at Kattappana by Mar. George Punnakottil, Bishop of Kothamangalam.
Aug 11, 1987 Cardinal Prefect of Sacred Congregation for Oriental Churches, Simon De Lourde Swami visited the tomb of the founder.
Aug 14, 1987 Cardinal Simon De Lourde Swami visited the Generalate.
May 27, 1988 Erection of Thamarassery Region.
Aug 15, 1988 Declaration of Vimala Province, Kanjirappally.
Nov 11-13, 1988 Third General Synaxis and Election.
Dec 28, 1988 Declaration of Nirmala Province Mananthavady.
June24,1989 The court for the Cannonization of our Founder is inaugurated.
Nov.12,1989 Rev.Fr.Mathew Kadalikkattil, the Founder raised to the status of Servant of God.
Feb.24,1990 The mortal remains are transferred to the newly constructed tomb in the new chapel of the Provincial house, Pala.
May 8,1990 Blessing of the new chapel at Generalate by His Grace Mar Joseph Powathil.
Jan 12,1991 Coclusion of canonization procedures in Kerala –The documents are sent to the Holy see.
April 14,1991 Erection of Delhi region under Jyothi Province, Kothamangalam.
April 21,1991 Erection of Christu Jyothi region under S.H. Province,pala.
May 6,1994 Inauguration and Blessing of common novitiate for the missions at Paterri,Satna.
Nov.16-19, 1994 4th General Synaxis and Election.
20-11-94 Erection of Amala Vice-Province, Assam.
2-2-1995 Second Session of the General Synaxis.
2-2-1995 Erection of Jeeva Jyothi Vice-Province, Delhi.
4-4-1995 Demise of His Grace Most Rev.Dr. Abraham Kattumana, Pontificial Delegate of Syro_Malabar Church.
1-6-1995 1 year prayer at S.H. Sakhatkara Kattappana started.
14-9-1995 Inauguration and blessing of the common Juniorate house at Bangalore, S.H Shanti Dham Convent.
28-10-1995 Erection of Santhom Province Thamarassery.
29-1-1997 Revised constitution got approved.
24-25-1997 The celebration of the 125th birth day of our Founder Father at the Generalate
23-5-1997 Releasing of the Souvenir in connection with the birthday celebration.
23-7-1997 Blessing of the new building and chapel of the Bagalore Juniorate House.
15-11-1997 Inauguration and blessing of Kattippara Vocational Training Centre.
29-2-1998 Death of V. Rev. Fr. Canisius CMI
8-12-1998 Erection of Christu Jyothi Vice-Province.
7-10-2000 Declaration of the Jeeva Jyothi Province, Delhi.
13-11-2000 5th General Synaxis and election.
15-8-2003 Erection of the Navajyothi Vice-Province Idukki.
15-5-2002 Inauguration of the Museum and office of the Servant of God Father Mathew Kadalikkattil at Pala.
13-4-2005 Releasing of the Book- "CS-
23-5-2005 Releasing of the Book "The Shephere’s dream".
22-6-2005 Appointment of Rev.Fr. James Mathew Pampara CMI as the postulator for the Canonisation of our Founder Father.
15-8-2005 Promulgation of the S.H.C Formation Manuel.
3-5.2006 Purchase of the Plot of Land at Edappady, the Birth Place of our Founder Venerable Fr. Mathew Kadalikkattil.
4-8-2006 Bifurcation of Belthangady Mary Matha Region from Thalassery Province.
15-11-2006 Assam declaration          

6th General Synaxis & Election          

26 -01-2007 Declaration of Nava Jyothi Province Idukki
30-9-2007 2 months Spritual Animation Course (S.A.C) First Batch started at Generalate, for those within 10 years of Final Profession.
3-6-2008 The final approval of Re-revised Constitution form the Holy See.
8-9-2008 Declaration of Christu Jyothi Province Ujjain.
16-10-2009 Blessing and Inauguration of S.H Prayer House at Edappady.
1-1-2010 Inauguration of Centenary Year at S.H. Prayer House Edappady and commencement of perpetual Adoration.
1-6-2010 Shifting of 1 year Prayer from Kattappana Prayer House to Edappady, Our Founder Father’s Birth place. 1 month prayer of Jubilarians restarted at Kattappana.
10-10-2010 Rev. Dr. Msgr. Paul Pallath is appointed as postulator for Canonisation process of our Founder Father when Rev.Fr. James Pampara C.M.I resigned from the post.
Dec.29,30, 2010 Conclusion of Centenary Celebrations.

Holly Father Benedict XVI signed the Decree of raising Servant of God Fr. Mathew Kadalikkattil to the state of ‘Venerable’.        



7th General Synaxis and Election

Holy Mass and Novena of V.Fr.Mathew Kadalikkattil started every Thursday at S.H Provincial House Chapel

10-14,March 2014 Initiation of Word of God Retreat
7th - 10th Sept 2014 Renewal Assembly


Appointment of Rev.Dr.Thunduparambil CMI as the Postulator for the Cause of Canonization process of our Founder, when Rev.Dr.Msgr Paul Pallathu resigned from the post.

Ethiopia Mission started by Idukki Province

29.10.2015 New web site launched
17.12.2016 Blessing of the new building Jyothis Charitable Society
25.01.2017 Initiation of Psychospiritual Integration Programme
12.08.2017 New mobile App uploaded- Sacred Heart Congregation
5th- 8th Sept 2017

Nov 2018

Renewal Assembly

8th General Synaxis and election
































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