By the infinite providence of God the Sacred Heart Congregation for women took shape in the Syro Malabar Church in Kerala. The aim of the Congregation is to live radically the discipleship of Christ, experiencing deeply the compassionate love of God, the Father, manifested through the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and sharing it with others, especially the poor and the afflicted.

The   Congregation  was  founded  on  First  January  1911  by  Venerable Fr. Mathew Kadalikkattil. The devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus was spreading fast throughout Kerala at that time. Fr. Mathew Kadalikkattil, a young diocesan priest, was one among the ardent devotees of the Sacred Heart and was seeking means to propagate this devotion for which he offered himself fully. His love for the Sacred Heart of Jesus urged him to do something to relieve the pain and suffering of humanity. In his parish there were spiritual daughters who had great desire for consecrated life. But they couldn’t get admission in any of the then existing indigenous congregations because of their poor finance and deficient education. This moved his compassionate heart.

Rev. Fr. Mathew used to spend long hours before the Blessed Sacrament. One day while he was immersed in prayer, he got an inspiration about starting a Religious Congregation. After several days of prayer, contemplation and consultation with wise and inspired priests, he presented a document explaining his plan and requesting permission to start a Congregation, to Mar Mathew Makkil the Vicar Apostolic of the diocese of Changanacherry. The permission was obtained soon. Submitting unconditionally to the will of God, Fr. Mathew admitted four candidates in a temporary small house at Pala on First January 1911. Within a short time they were able to maintain and support a few orphans and some aged destitute women in the same house. The simplicity and poverty of the sisters’ life style, their loving care and concern towards the destitute, attracted many generous young women to the new Congregation.

Gradually the number of the communities increased. On 24th January 1931 Mar James Kalassery the Bishop of Changanacherry was pleased to grant the sisters their original identity as ‘Sisters of the Sacred Heart’.  On First September 1934  Fr. Mathew submitted an application for the due approval of the new Congregation by the Holy See. On 23rd May 1935 Pope Pius XI during an audience granted to Bishop James Kalassery, authorized him to give the final ecclesiastical approval of the Congregation. This happened on the same day on which Fr. Mathew Kadalikkattil was called to eternal rest and it is considered a miraculous co- incidence of the Divine Providence.

The Generalate House is situated at Manganam in Kottayam Dt., Kerala, India. We work not only in India but also abroad. “I have compassion for the crowd” (Mk. 8:2). These words of Jesus Christ had a profound influence on the Founder and he was, therefore inspired to share Christ’s compassionate love with the destitute and the forlorn. Our apostolate covers pastoral work, evangelization, heath care services, care of the destitute, orphans, care of the differentially abled, the aged and disabled, education, social welfare activities and communication media. We run institutions like homes for the aged, for the abandoned children, homes and training centers for the physically handicapped, mentally challenged and insane, hospitals, palliative care units, rehabilitation centers for the mentally ill and other humanitarian activities. We also enthusiastically participate in all sorts of Parish works especially in catechizing the children and liturgical training. In all the fields of work we try to uphold our special charism of the overflowing compassionate love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

The special charism of our Founder Father was a great zeal to glorify the Sacred Heart of Jesus and an insatiable thirst to transmit the compassionate love of that Heart. Thus he became an instrument to spread the Kingdom of God. This special gift which our saintly Father received became, in the Divine Providence, the Charism of our Congregation.

We got inspiration from the God experience, the spiritual vision and the life style of the Founder and founding members. Never ending adoration, praise, thanksgiving and reparation are offered to the Heavenly Father through the Sacred Heart of Jesus from our Congregation that was formed to reciprocate the love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and for our self-giving to mankind. The life, love and compassion which we experience through this Sacred Heart, flow into the orphans, the destitute, the distressed, the ignorant and the non- Christian brethren for our sanctification as well as of theirs. Our aim is to consecrate ourselves ‘for the glorification of the Heavenly Father through our works and sufferings’.












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